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The importance of content rich texts to learners and teachersMark Bartram has been a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer for more than 30 years.

In a previous post, we looked at some of the areas we might explore when training our learners in bottom-up strategies for listening. In this post, I’d like to do the same for reading.

(We take it as read that reading fluency depends on the learners’ general linguistic competence. So all of the following discussion assumes that any training programme will also include work on building up this, especially vocabulary.)

It was suggested previously that top-down approaches (where the learners use their knowledge of the world to help understand a text) can provide enjoyable ways “into” a text, especially for the reluctant or weaker reader. These might lead into useful work on sub-skills such as skimming and scanning.

Bottom-up approaches, on the other hand, encourage the learners to develop their ability to understand…

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The snow is melting—even though for some areas, that’s more figurative than not—and the awakening nods to spring are upon us: the air is refreshing and cool, while the sun is staying around a littl…

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Time for Break! (1)

At last—the hands of the school year have struck break-o-clock, and it’s time to taste glorious freedom.  Put down the lesson planner and step away from the smart board.  This vacation, the curriculum is all about you.  Here are ten ways you can maximize YOU time when school’s out.

1.) Relish in a good read.

There’s a noticeable difference in reading for pleasure, and well, “other” reading—the kind that takes a little more brain power or has more of an objective to it, like teaching it to a class.  But here’s the opportunity to dive into a novel that can truly take you away, that can connect you to characters who are going through situations similar to the ones you’ve gone through.  Peruse the The New York Times “Book” section for best sellers and reviews or get lost in the shelves of your favorite book shop to discover your next…

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