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Clean Teacher Monk wanders through the serene temple grounds, amid singing birds and humming cicadas. Moments earlier he was sitting cross-legged before a classroom of young children, leading Buddhist chants. The chanting has put Sa’ad in a tranquil mood well suited for the temple where he serves as head monk. It’s like many other temples …

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An orgy at Wat Mae Kaet Noi. Photo: Tinnakorn Nukul

In the temple grounds both the spirit world and the human world are depicted. A well-endowed man lies on the floor, eyes bulging, as five naked women stuff his mouth with a banana and his anus with a giant phallus. Sa’ad glances down disapprovingly to the graphic orgy he created. “It’s like a porno, isn’t it?” he says. A few feet away we see the repercussions of the life of sin: demons raping terrified, blistered men and women with pikes, axes, and worse. “Don’t get lost in the sex,” Sa’ad mutters with a nod to the troubling scene.

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — A school administrator suspended after being charged with assault for slapping a student put aside his “teacher spirit” to settle the case by apologising and paying a 500-baht fine.

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“Thailand education system and policies along with many parents are the real problem facing teenage students in Thai government schools”

Faced with a possible one-month jail stay and fine of up to 10,000 baht, the spirited director relented and bid his apologies to mother and child, who met with him and police for 20 minutes Tuesday.

The mother, whose name was not released, said both she and her son forgave him and did not want to continue legal action against him or demand any compensation.

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — A school administrator is in hot water over a video that captured him losing his temper with protesting students and slapping one of them in the head.

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The incident occurred at Soeng Sang school at Ban Bua Luang in tambon Soeng Sang on Friday, when dozens of students refused to attend classes and gathered on the football pitch to demand an accounting of the money that school officials had collected. 

The group, led by a male eleventh grader, whose name was withheld, wanted to know whether the money collected from parents had been spent transparently. 

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Winners of the 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship competition were introduced to the world last week in Dallas.

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Congratulations Taweelap Suwattanapunkul, Thailand — Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

A bomb thrown at Bangkok’s Sathorn pier Tuesday but caused a explosion but no injuries or damage.

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Another day another bomb. Becoming a daily thing here. 

A bomb went off near a Skytrain station at Ratchaprasong in the evening and two more unexploded bombs were found in the area.

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Thai authorities said they will set up security checkpoints at major attractions in the city. However, train services in the city will operate normally, while 438 schools will be closed on Tuesday. No state of emergency was issued in the city.

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A bomb planted at one of the Thai capital’s most renowned shrines on Monday killed 19 people, including three foreign tourists, and wounded scores in an attack the government called a bid to destroy

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The Bangkok Post, citing the Royal Thai Police, put the death toll at 19, with 123 injured, as of 11:20 pm (1.20 p.m. EDT). National police chief Somyot Poompanmuang told reporters the attack was unprecedented in Thailand.


English conversations online

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