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Donald Patnaude will be presenting about, English Attack!, the first English-language learning service specifically designed for the digital generation.

Featuring a worldwide community of learners of English, it uses short online entertainment segments to encourage frequent digital immersion in everyday English, with fresh content published weekly.

Donald will be touching on some key points.

1. English Attack! for Education
2. Using English Attack! in the classroom
3. Manage your classes with your Teacher Account
4. Licensing English Attack! for your school
5. English Attack! for independent teachers
6. Improve your English with Video Boosters
7. Learn English vocabulary with Photo Vocabs
8. Power up your English with games on English Attack!
9. Much more as time permits…

Donald originally from the Windy City decided to make Thailand his home after visiting the Kingdom five times. He arrived two months after 9/11 (November 11 2001) and ran out of money by the end of the month. 

Sound familiar? So he did what many of us do and started teaching English.

As marketing partner in Thailand for Paris-based English Attack! he helps teenagers and adults create a user account so that they can begin learning/improving their English language skills.

He also help teachers, schools, universities, private language centers, groups and companies select the right plan that is best for them.

He will be offering all schools, language centers and universities a FREE 30-Day Trial for all their English language teachers and their students too. After the 30-Day trial they will be offered a very special price if they decide to buy.

This is going to be a very special price for English Attack! Thailand to show support for TEN members.

Sukhumvit Soi 33
18.30 to 21.00 
Talk at 19.15

350 Baht 
Includes a drink and some great pub food

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