If you happened to live in Thailand during the ’90s, chances are you have heard at least one song written by Nitipong “Dee” Honark. The popular and prolific songwriter has produced over 100 hits in the past few decades and now sits as one of the ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ judges. Beyond his musical abilities, Dee is also an outspoken patriot.

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It’s only normal for one to love one’s home country more than others, but too much of love can be intoxicating. In an all-time hit Dee wrote for ’90s rocker Thanet Warakulnukror, the chorus goes, “Soon you’ll understand what is more important than just love.” Perhaps we can start from there. Thailand, as with any country, is unique from others. But uniqueness can never qualify anything as good or bad, wise or stupid, righteous or evil. But rest assured, Thailand will forever be the best in its own Thai way, even as a happy, ignorant nation.