Everywhere I go these days it seems I’m faced with the same question: what is wrong with America’s education system? The query is usually followed with a defining statement that Asian students are ‘kicking our butts’ on the international exams. But a…

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David Scott Clegg

David Scott Clegg has served as a visionary entrepreneur and lead executive in the education industry for over 20 years. He currently serves as Director of The HEAD Foundation, an education think tank, and is a partner in large-scale education solutions in China and other countries in Pacific Asia.


Mr. Clegg’s prior experience includes his leadership role as President and Vice Chairman of Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. (NASDAQ: NLCI), a national PK-12 school system with nearly 200 schools and over 4500 employees across the United States. Nobel Learning Communities was a pioneer in the creation of the largest system of private schools in America, as well as in the introduction of innovative reading, second language and technology-driven solutions in early childhood learning. While at Nobel, Mr. Clegg oversaw the creation and implementation of school-based solutions that addressed the individual nature and learning styles of both its mainstream and special education needs student populations, while establishing successful assessment driven systems and accountability measures for ensuring consistency in quality and delivery both in the classroom and across its nationwide system of schools. Nobel Learning Communities and its storied success was studied at Harvard Business School as a case study in innovation not only of a company but of an industry.


Mr. Clegg was heavily involved in internet-based solutions in education in the 1990′s and early 2000′s. He served as Partner and Senior Executive with EdGate.com, one of the first classroom portal solutions for the K-12 sector. EdGate developed tools and aggregated web-based education resources while providing customized, online learning communities for schools, districts and states across the US. He was a partner in an initiative known as Project UNITE, based on GFE’s EU 6th Framework Programme proposal, consisting of a consortium of 28 organizations across eleven EU countries, established to create a new open system e-learning platform.


Mr. Clegg’s contributions to education internationally include his work with and through the United Nations and its affiliate NGO community addressing quality and access issues in youth education. His prior service included strategic direction and stewardship of a Middle East-based multinational school system founded on the International Baccalaureate Programme and UK National Curriculum. Additionally, Mr. Clegg was a senior strategist for The World Bank sponsored African Virtual University project, providing degree bearing, higher education programs from the US and Europe to what is currently over 50 institutions throughout 27 participating African nations.


An accomplished graduate of Bucknell University, David Scott Clegg has been a keynote speaker on “The Changing Face of Education in America” and has held board positions with numerous organizations in the fields of education and the life sciences.

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