Teaching English in Thailand

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Paul Maglione is the co-founder of Entertainment Learning and English Attack! Ajarn puts Paul in the hot seat to talk about the ‘gamification’ of on-line English language learning, the future for e-learning websites and traditional paper textbooks – and lots more!


One of the barriers to more widespread adoption of evolved EFL approaches, of course, is a lack of budgets in state schools. In recognition of this reality, our Thai partners have come up with a very special campaign for all government secondary schools (M-1/M-6) under which schools or students pay only 1 Baht per day per student if there is a minimum of 200 license purchased per school. 

A very important rationale behind the 1 Baht campaign is that signed-up students can use English Attack! every day, including during long holidays, not just during the school year.

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