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English Attack! is a totally new approach to learning English, developed by media and videogaming experts in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience.
Our innovative learning method combines videos, photos, games and social networking for a daily English workout.
It’s fun and effective. Once you try it, you won’t want to learn any other way.

Video Boosters represent a major breakthrough in how to learn English.
These self-contained exercises are based on video clips. They enable you to practice a range of language skills across six contextual exercises.
Each Video Booster takes about 10 minutes to complete: an ideal timespan for sustained concentration.
There are over 1,000 video exercises, with more added each day based on the latest movies, TV series, music and current events.

Our catalog of Photo Vocabs is the most comprehensive collection of visual dictionaries for learning English.
Each Photo Vocab is based on a subject or theme, and contains about 20 vocabulary items illustrated with photos.
Each word or expression includes a definition, a word-for-word translation, a sample sentence in which it is used, and pronunciation playback.
Once you’ve experienced the new vocabulary, memorize the words and expressions with Practice Games accessible directly from within the Photo Vocab.

To retain a new word or expression in English over time, it needs to be seen and used at least seven times, ideally in different contexts. Repeat exposure and use in games is an ideal way to consolidate new language items without it seeming like hard work.
Our range of language games allows you to review vocabulary items seen in a Video Booster or Photo Vocab; to practice your irregular verbs; or to fine-tune your oral comprehension. From spelling-based games to video karaoke, the diversity of available gameplay styles means you’ll never be bored.
Practice through play: it’s fun (and effective) with English Attack!

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