The Office of the Basic Education Commission (Obec) is going to prepare underprivileged children in rural areas for the Asean Community next year by providing them with English language instruction geared towards employment.


I’ve commented ‘I really believe that the English Attack! 2.0 Online English learning platform would be an excellent choice for this initiative.
English Attack! is a totally new approach to learning English, developed by media and…’ on a Bangkok Post ‘Obec rolls out English for poor students’ story at Do you agree?

I really believe that the English Attack! 2.0 Online English learning platform would be an excellent choice for this initiative. 
English Attack! is a totally new approach to learning English, developed by media and videogaming experts in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience.
Our innovative learning method combines videos, photos, games and social networking for a daily English workout.
It’s fun and effective. Once you try it, you won’t want to learn any other way.

You can use English Attack! learning units – video exercises, visual dictionaries and practice games – with your learners both in the classroom as well as for out-of-class learning.
The wide range of content categories and difficulty levels available on English Attack! makes it an ideal complementary English learning resource for students in Middle School through to secondary and university-level education, as well as for those enrolled in language institutes.
A deep and constantly expanding catalog of contextual exercises allows the learner to evolve English language proficiency over the course of his or her education. The format and currency of the units (clips from films, news, music, etc) generates enthusiasm and motivation.
English Attack! for Education consists of a Teachers and Schools Platform and special Education price plans.
English Attack! is currently being used in schools, universities and language institutes throughout the world. Your learners can prepare for your lessons with a Video Booster (video exercise) related to the theme or subject you would like to cover. You can also ask them to review a Photo Vocab (visual dictionary) containing key vocabulary they will need for the lesson.

You’ll find your learners keener and more familiar with your planned lesson’s theme and vocabulary if they have warmed up for it with the appropriate English Attack! learning units. Using interactive multimedia resources in class is a great way to capture the attention of your learners.
If your classroom is equipped with a video projector or an interactive whiteboard, you can achieve a high degree of learner participation by going over a Video Booster with them directly in class. You also have the option of playing the video part of the exercise in full-screen mode and coming back to the exercise format later.
Photo Vocabs are perfect for class work on specific vocabulary or content themes.
Going through the Photo Vocab with your learners as a group can be a nice lead-in to a class discussion on the topic of that visual dictionary. At the end of your lesson, ask your learners to consolidate the new language items they’ve seen in class by playing some Practice Games at home.
English Attack! Practice Games allow for contextual revision of language items seen in Photo Vocabs and Video Boosters, and as such are highly effective for locking in recently learned content.
While not at all feeling like "homework," these games use contextualization, repetition, and image/text association to enable learners to move language items from short-term to long-term memory. Your Teacher Account not only gives you unlimited access to all English Attack! learning units; it also comes with a set of Teacher Tools that enable you to manage your learners’ work on English Attack!
Thanks to your unique Invitation Code, your learners can easily connect with you as a Teacher on English Attack!. You can create as many online classes as you like, and easily assign each of your learners to one or more classes.
A simple click of a button on each learning unit (Video Boosters and Photo Vocabs) allows you to flag that unit as an assignment for one or several of the classes you’ve created.
Each of your learners will have a "My School" page on the site where they can see and complete the units you’ve assigned to them. You can also use the Messaging functions to communicate with each class as a whole or with individual learners.
An Activity dashboard allows you to monitor a learner’s frequency of site use; his or her assignment compliance, and the score obtained for each assigned learning unit.
Are you a Teacher interested in using English Attack! with your learners? Contact us. It’s quick and easy to get English Attack! set up for your school; dozens of educational establishments have done so already.
Our Schools Platform allows for multi-site deployment; automated user account creation for both teachers and learners; and automated assignment of learners to classes.
Your learners’ usage statistics are available, in real-time, to various levels of your organization.
Our licenses can be set for flexible time periods according to your school calendar needs. And of course our multi-user license prices are volume-discounted for both teachers and learners.
Are you a school owner or administrator wanting to know more about English Attack! multi-user licenses? Contact us. Supawan 088-249-4917 
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