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การ์ด กปปส ซัดกันเอง! ราชเทวี สะพานหัวช้าง ทั้งระเบิดปิงปอง ทั้งปืน

Ajarn Donald‘s insight:

One BIG sick and screwed up caretaker government.


"Capo would like to thank the Thai people, both in Bangkok and other provinces, for having exercised restraint in the present situation.  We hope the rallies will continue to be peaceful and non-violent," Mr Surapong said.

The government is capable of controlling the situation during the planned Bangkok shutdown on Jan 13 by protesters, caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on Friday.

Yingluck and Taksin both need to be locked up in a mental institution far far away from society. 

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