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Ajarn Donald‘s insight:

English Attack

English Attack! is a totally new approach to learning English, developed by media and videogaming experts in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience.

Our innovative learning method combines videos, photos, games and social networking for a daily English workout.

It’s fun and effective. Once you try it, you won’t want to learn any other way.

Video Boosters are language exercises based on short videos rarely exceeding two minutes in length.

You can choose from clips of recent films or current TV series; music videos or items from international television news: whatever interests you most.

The Video Booster format is based on a series of progressively deeper contextual exercises.

Frequency over quantity: with over 1,000 Video Boosters to choose from, it’s tempting to do exercise after exercise, but the most effective way to learn is to play one (or two) Video Boosters every day.

If you had difficulty with a particular Video Booster, play it again! You’ll find it easier.

And to review and memorize the words and expressions you’ve seen, practice them regularly with a game, especially those related to Video Boosters you’ve done some time ago.

Photo Vocabs cover more than 250 topics (inclusive of over 5,000 words and expressions), and new Photo Vocabs are published every week.

From basic vocabulary (the human body, kitchen tools, the doctor’s office) to more specialized topics (marketing, rock music, football, Los Angeles…) you will always find a Photo Vocab that’s right for your language needs and personal interests.

On English Attack!, a range of five games helps you to continue to improve your language skills.

There are Practice Games (Swap Mania, Speed Pix and Word Rescue) for every Video Booster and Photo Vocab that you’ve already completed. They’re designed to help you retain the vocabulary items seen in these exercises.

With the addictive SayWhat? video karaoke game, you’ll train your oral comprehension in English.

Verb Dash is a highly effective game with which you’ll memorize, once and for all, the various forms of irregular verbs.

You promote English Attack! via your media outlet (website, Facebook page, blog, magazine) using one of the promotional tools we make available to you, such as banners, iFrames, Facebook posts, or printed inserts.
Whatever the format, each promotional tool incorporates a learning unit that has authentic pedagogical content value for your audience.

An online dashboard allows you to track each promotional campaign’s performance in real time, including the share of revenue you earn via site subscriptions generated by the campaigns.

If you represent a media outlet related to language learning, and would like to become an English Attack! Affiliate Partner, get in touch with us.

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