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Ajarn Donald‘s insight:

Movies: ActionAn interactive exercise based on the video clip "Undocumented Ships Inbound" of Elysium. CLIP SUMMARY IN ENGLISH

In this clip from the sci-fi thriller set in 2154, in which two classes of people exist – the very wealthy on a man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest on a ruined, impoverished Earth – space ships from the "poor" planet try to approach Elysium, only to be dealt with in the most severe way possible.


HobbiesA visual dictionary on the topic Hobbies . 

Learn 15 new words and expressions related to this topic. For every vocabulary item there is an illustration, a definition, its use in a sample sentence, and audio pronunciation.




Definition in English:

the art or practice of taking and processing photographs for pleasure


Karaoke / Business: Tips And AdviceA SayWhat? game based on a video clip ofHowcast.Improve your listening and comprehension skills with this addictive video karaoke game.

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