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Highland Park, Deerfield high schools get security upgrades
Chicago Tribune
How much safety glass, concrete, electronic surveillance and security personnel does it take to protect students in a post Columbine, post Sandy Hook era of school security?

Ajarn Donald‘s insight:

The architect identifies a process called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED. Its principles read, in part, that "while technology-based systems greatly improve school security, there are many opportunities for making school sites and buildings more naturally secure by carefully planning and organizing the physical environment."

For example, "Discipline problems and crime can also be deterred by removing the inherent negative opportunities created when areas of schools are concealed from public view."

Site design under CPTED addresses "conflicts in the flow of cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians that can cause safety and security problems on school sites, where hundreds of students converge during daily rush hours. Safety can be improved by directing different types of traffic into separate zones on the site, with safe paths for student foot traffic to converge at building entrances.

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