He comes from a long line of teachers, and Ogden Morse is a teacher himself. Back in 2004, he co-founded AcademicMerit with other current and former teachers to develop web-based solutions specifically targeting English language arts in grades 7-12, “a segment of the school market for which there has long been a dearth of quality offerings,” says Ogden. They began with a concept called Literary Companion, which, as the name suggests, is a companion to literary texts. Over a number of years, in deliberately methodical fashion, they developed this program—with much of the ongoing testing occurring right in Ogden’s classroom.

Victor: What were your goals in testing it? 

Ogden: For students, we sought to turn reading of classic literature from a passive exercise into one requiring active intellectual engagement—a key step toward enhancing comprehension. Through the web-based format, and content aimed at building vocabulary, reading-comprehension, and written-analysis skills, we were…

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