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We offer Internationally accredited and recognized TEFL / TESOL courses online via self study at fantastic rates! Enrol and start today!

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 All Students receive access to: Free Optional Teaching Practicum, Personal Tutor Support and Feedback, Express Marking, TEFL Portal / Library,  Online Learning Community (peer-to-peer forum), TEFL Training Videos, all Course Materials and Books, Cover Letter & C.V. example, Letter of Enrollment, Free 6 months Lesson Plans Pack, Lifelong Job Board and Job Guidance & Country Chart Comparison List.

  • Enroll for a Preliminary course Today… and Receive 4 Specialized Short TESOL Courses Free – 100 hrs Essential Training + Teaching Practice Certificate (TP) 20 hrs. Teaching English to Young Learners 10 hrs. + Grammar Awareness 30 hrs. +Teaching Business English 10 hrs.  Total 190 hrs 
  • Enroll for a Certificate course Today… and Receive 4 Specialized Short TESOL Courses Free – 150 hrs Essential TrainingTeaching Practice Certificate (TP) 20 hrs. Teaching English to Young Learners 10 hrs. + Grammar Awareness 30 hrs. + Teaching Business English 10 hrs.  Total 220 hrs 
  • Enroll for a Diploma course Today… and Receive 3 Specialized Short TESOL Courses Free – 200 hrs Essential Training Teaching Practice Certificate (TP) 20 hrs. Teaching English to Young Learners 10 hrs. + Teaching Business English 10 hrs.  Total 240 hrs 
  • Enroll for an Advanced Diploma course Today… and Receive 2 Specialized Short TESOL Courses Free – 250 hrs Essential Training + Teaching Observation & Lesson Presentation Practice 20 hrs. + Teaching Practice Certificate 20 hrs.  Total 290 hrs
  • Enroll for a Master Diploma course Today… and Receive a Specialized Short TESOL Course Free – 300 hrs Essential Training + Teaching Practice (TP) Certificate 20 hrs. – Total 320 hrs  
  • *All Certification courses now include a free optional Practicum component – Teaching Practice Certificate (TP) 20 hrs. To view a sample of the TP Certificate, click here

Go-TEFL Training College Thailand 092-267-8113

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Writing Contest Thailand 2015 – Winners. The winners of the 2015 Thai-English short stories award are:… Writing Contest Thailand 2015

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All these young Thai students all did very well and showed a real talent as aspiring authors and “écrivans en herbe“, wonderful and unique style, as well as demonstrated amazing computer skills as they had to send their stories using an internet interface on

You all did a great job. Congratulations at all of you.

See on Scoop.itAjarn Donald’s Educational News

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Donald Patnaude will be presenting about, English Attack!, the first English-language learning service specifically designed for the digital generation.

Featuring a worldwide community of learners of English, it uses short online entertainment segments to encourage frequent digital immersion in everyday English, with fresh content published weekly.

Donald will be touching on some key points.

1. English Attack! for Education
2. Using English Attack! in the classroom
3. Manage your classes with your Teacher Account
4. Licensing English Attack! for your school
5. English Attack! for independent teachers
6. Improve your English with Video Boosters
7. Learn English vocabulary with Photo Vocabs
8. Power up your English with games on English Attack!
9. Much more as time permits…

Donald originally from the Windy City decided to make Thailand his home after visiting the Kingdom five times. He arrived two months after 9/11 (November 11 2001) and ran out of money by the end of the month. 

Sound familiar? So he did what many of us do and started teaching English.

As marketing partner in Thailand for Paris-based English Attack! he helps teenagers and adults create a user account so that they can begin learning/improving their English language skills.

He also help teachers, schools, universities, private language centers, groups and companies select the right plan that is best for them.

He will be offering all schools, language centers and universities a FREE 30-Day Trial for all their English language teachers and their students too. After the 30-Day trial they will be offered a very special price if they decide to buy.

This is going to be a very special price for English Attack! Thailand to show support for TEN members.

Sukhumvit Soi 33
18.30 to 21.00 
Talk at 19.15

350 Baht 
Includes a drink and some great pub food

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The researcher found that Thai women have been engaging in love affairs with white men through their own will instead of for economic reasons. 

The US has kept Thailand at the lowest rank in its latest Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, but the local US embassy has voiced encouragement for Thai leaders to build on recent achievements which were not considered in the report.

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Thai police carrying out inspections of fishing boats using migrant labourers last May, after the TIP reportingperiod ended. TAWATCHAI KEMGUMNERD

In June, Lt Gen Manas Kongpan became the face of the trafficking gangs and the campaign against them when the government arrested him and charged him despite his status as an “adviser”adviser (noun)Meaning: a person who gives advice, especially somebody who knows a lot about a particular 

We offer Internationally accredited and recognized TEFL / TESOL courses online via self study at fantastic rates! Enrol and start today!

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Go-TEFL Training College Thailand 092-267-8113

Online TEFL Training Courses

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Advanced Diploma of Educational Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Adv.Dip.(ES) TESOL (250 hrs.)

Who is the course for?

The Advanced Diploma of Educational Studies in TESOL is ideal if you wish to extend your professional experience and accept new responsibilities as it not only demonstrates a commitment to the profession, but is also proof of your ability. You may be looking for an opportunity to increase your understanding of the principles and practice of English Language teaching to help improve your overall performance in the classroom. As part of this process, the Advanced Diploma Course encourages you to analyse your existing practices and beliefs. It also helps you to apply the results of your learning and reflection both to your current professional life and to contexts beyond your present and previous teaching experience.

A student who has completed the Diploma course can complete the Advanced Diploma course as an add-on, by completing a further four (4) Modules.

If you happened to live in Thailand during the ’90s, chances are you have heard at least one song written by Nitipong “Dee” Honark. The popular and prolific songwriter has produced over 100 hits in the past few decades and now sits as one of the ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ judges. Beyond his musical abilities, Dee is also an outspoken patriot.

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It’s only normal for one to love one’s home country more than others, but too much of love can be intoxicating. In an all-time hit Dee wrote for ’90s rocker Thanet Warakulnukror, the chorus goes, “Soon you’ll understand what is more important than just love.” Perhaps we can start from there. Thailand, as with any country, is unique from others. But uniqueness can never qualify anything as good or bad, wise or stupid, righteous or evil. But rest assured, Thailand will forever be the best in its own Thai way, even as a happy, ignorant nation.

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Grade 12 graduates
Have wider and more profound knowledge about the world affairs.
Be good citizens, morality and ethics; observe the principles of their religionsas well as desired values; live happily with others in the society; have potentiality to furthertheir education.
Know about This wisdom, pride in Thai nationalism, the history of the Thaination; adhere to the way of life and the democratic form of government under aconstitutional monarchy.
Have good consumption habits; appropriately choose and decide on consumption;
 be aware of and participate in preservation of Thai traditions, culture and the environment,love their local areas and the country; be dedicated to providing services and good things forthe society.
Have knowledge and capability of managing their own learning; be ableto guide themselves and seek knowledge from various learning sources lifelong.

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